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Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery
My insights on Mysterious Fortune Cards, Mysterious Fortune Card Barking, and Fortune Cookies have been some of the most popular and highly profitable ever from Cold's Gold Factory.

I have often been called the
Grandfather of Mysterious Fortune Cards
or the
Mysterious Fortune Card Guru
I have been making tons of gold off of Mysterious Fortune Cards since the release of WoW's Cataclysm expansion.

Now all of my tips and tricks for getting rich off of the Mysterious Fortune Card market in World of Warcraft has been consolidated and improved into the only resource you will ever need to get rich in World of Warcraft selling this single profitable item:  the Mysterious Fortune Card.

Follow the same  proven strategies and techniques that earn me thousands of gold a day.  In this guide I cover everything you need to know to be successful and make gold with this profitable strategy focusing on the Inscription crafted Mysterious Fortune Card.

This guide will allows work and will never become obsolete regardless of how many more World of Warcraft expansions are released.  Mysterious Fortune Cards are continuing to sell like hotcakes deep into the Cataclysm expansion. 

My personal record is 35,000 gold in a 5 hour session. 
That's 7k gold per hour!

Buy the Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery Guide and you can be rich in WoW too!

This Screenshot Was Submitted By A Purchaser Of The Guide. Proof It Works!

In Depth Understanding Of The Mysterious Fortune Card Markets
Complete Herb Milling Statistics And Guides
Finding Herb Farming Suppliers And Working Deals For Increased Profits
Amazing Strategy Guide To Get Sales and High Profits
Barking Tips and Tricks
The Mega-List Of Profitable And Proven Barks That Work
Complete Guide To Dealing With Competition and Copycats
Which Add-Ons To Use To Make Sales Easier

I may be new to gold making but I know for a fact that Cold's Mysterious Fortune Card method of gold making is, by miles, the best one that I've tried to date.  It's so ridiculously easy to make thousands of gold in a matter of hours.  
Using the methods expertly outlined in Cold's guide, I made over 3000 gold in sales in 90 minutes on my first (very cautious) attempt!  I was floored by the volume and speed of the sales.  My chat was flooded with yellow text announcing that buyers had been found.
People hit big winners right off to bat and linked them in Trade Chat and sales exploded!!!  I even had people whispering me for stacks to buy direct.  It was insane!!  I see now that making upwards of 10k-20k+ in a single evening is by no means out of reach.  
No tricks, gimmicks or anything questionable.  If you want to make a killing, steam roll your under cutters and make a ton of gold without farming, then this is the guide for you.  -Athanas (Kul-Tiras)


I finally listened to all the episodes of Auction House Junkies last weekend. I thought it was crazy that people would buy Mysterious Fortune Cards if you barked them. Well tonight I decided to try it out so I made a few macros based on the ones on your blog and I succeeded in raising the price from 13g to 25g in about 15 minutes! I sold about 1k worth of cards before I started running into undercutters. It still didn't matter though because their cards would sell out and mine would keep selling! This is amazing and has helped me get out of the gold-making rut I've been in lately. :)

I love your show and your MFC Mastery Guide.
Keep up the great work!

Updog <What Updog>
Dalaran - US

The server I'm on seems to have a slow AH.  I started monitoring the Mysterious Fortune Card market about a month back and really there wasn't much of a market.  A couple cards posted here and there, but nothing else.

So tonight I bought about 2K of herbs and made 300 cards.  I started barking in trade chat, advertsing the cards, talking about discounts and other options mentioned in your MFC Mastery gold guide.  Within minutes, about 80 cards had sold and I had a 5K winner.  Within 30 minutes the rest of the cards had sold. 

I think your method works because people have that feeling that they can win and make even more money from the payback.  Also, as you mentioned all cards on the AH were purchased, some at 30g.


AJ Hillhouse

Cold is with out a doubt the most knowledgeable person out there when it comes to selling Mysterious Fortune Cards. He was the first to identify the market and he is always seemingly "one step ahead" of everyone else when it comes to selling these cards. Time and again he has come up with new and innovative ways to sell them in massive numbers. Whenever I want to increase my sales numbers for these cards I look to Cold. You should too.
-Bangkok Bill

Your MFC trading tips helped me to improve my own barking strategies and to make even more profit, spending less time in front of my PC. In some weeks, I managed to get over 150k of gold, only with inscription. Thank you Cold.

I never would've thought it possible to make so much money from something so simple. Cold's Mysterious Fortune Card tips and tricks have made me hundreds of thousands of gold with little to no effort. Thanks for everything Cold.

The first time I heard about the MFC business was in the first Auction House Junkies Podcast. Without his advice, I would never have thought about these cards or even bark about them.
Just two weeks later my liquid gold has skyrocketed: 200k thanks to Cold and his MFC strategies.

Yes, I want to get rich in WoW too!

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